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Welcome to Rosgan, the only televised Livestock Auction Market in Argentina



Constituted by the Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario together with prestigious consignment agents from Argentina, Rosgan is the most important televised livestock auction market in the country.
This market emerges in a historically cattle-ranching country internationally recognized as a leader in meat quality and genetics.



Rosgan is a business venture that was pioneered by its majority partner: the Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario. It was born in October 2008 with its first auction held by the three shareholders of the region: Reggi y Cia., Ildarraz Hnos. and Etchevehere Rural.
The television and online broadcasting of the auctions brought an important technological advance to the livestock business, shortening the distances in a country of great extensions.



The market is held once a month for three days in the Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario headquarters, which hosts hundreds of people: consignees, producers and buyers that operate in the live auctions. Others interested can watch the auction on television, broadcasted to the whole country by Canal Rural, or online through our official webpage.

More than 400 lots are put on sale monthly in every auction, each lot containing between 20 and 30 heads of cattle. All lots are classified into categories and sold by our more than 20 auctioneers in the 8-hour-auctions. Only the buyers registered in our Buyers Registry are allowed to operate in Rosgan.


Even though any category can be included in the Rosgan system, it has been proved that those that generate greater demand are the ones of Breeding and Wintering.
The main categories are: Heifers and Calves, Steers and Young Steers, Wintering Cows and Heifers, Holstein Calves and Steers, Cows with Nursing Calves, Pregnant Females and Fat-Slaughter Livestock.



The producers who choose to sell their livestock in Rosgan – more than 4000 cattle farmers in the country – have to contact the Market’s or the consignee’s offices to apply for their livestock to be filmed. To determine and validate the quality of the lots each consignee has strictly trained certifiers who travel to the farms to closely examine the cattle and then they issue the certificate and begin with the filming.
Rosgan is later in charge of editing the videos and uploading the information on its website, together with the data of the livestock to be auctioned. Finally, the televised live auction starts, with the participation of all the buyers: wintering and feedlot buyers, breeders and meat-packing houses.


Since its birth, new operators and shareholders have incorporated to the Rosgan Market, promoting an exponential growth.
In its beginnings, each auction consisted of 6 thousand cattle heads and later grew to peaks of more than 40 thousand – while the annual average is 25 thousand cattle heads per month. Overall, Rosgan has already put on sale more than 1.5 million cattle heads, recorded in 14 Argentine provinces.



In 2010, ROSGAN set out the only wintering and breeding price indicator in Argentina: Rosgan Index Price. Developed together with the School of Economics and Statistics of the Rosario National University, it became key reference in the livestock industry.


In 2013, the Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario launched a new tool: the Forward Livestock, which allows advance purchases of cattle with future deliver, reducing risks and providing predictability and certainty to the livestock business.


Since 2013, Rosgan has been holding auctions in different parts of Argentina, carrying its entire technological platform to each venue, ensuring every auction takes place with the distinct identity and quality of the market.



The Rosgan Team travels across great number of agricultural and cattle fairs and expositions in order to always stay in touch and work alongside with the producers. Furthermore, Rosgan coordinates lectures with the main livestock consultants to analyze the livestock industry.



Rosgan is known for its strong communication policy. All the market’s information can be found instantly in different sites: thousands of followers check the news through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, in addition to our official, up-to-date website and a monthly newsletter supplying detailed information on the Cattle and Meat Chain.


The world of livestock farming has changed and Rosgan has assumed the commitment of enriching the industry with technology, quality and transparency – this is what Rosgan stands for, the strength of a market, THE PRIDE OF BEING A STOCK FARMER.